RebelAmp - class A headphone amplifier & preamp
RebelAmp - class A headphone amplifier & preamp
RebelAmp - class A headphone amplifier & preamp
RebelAmp - class A headphone amplifier & preamp

RebelAmp - class A headphone amplifier & preamp

Rebel Audio
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RebelAmp by Rebel Audio is for people who love music. Simple and minimalistic.

You can read a brief story of how and why RebelAmp was created here.

It's a class A amplifier with discrete output stage. Thanks to low noise floor and smart ground topology with audio in mind RebelAmp becomes suitable for IEMs or sensitive headphones.

Triple gain 

Allows to drive full-size headphones like Audeze LCDs and many others.

H-L-M It’s done that way to avoid switching from Low to High gain by mistake.

Output switch 

With it you can switch outputs between headphones or power amplifier and powered speakers without disconnecting cables.

Preamp output

Use it to control volume of powered speakers/power amplifier.

Competent circuit design

Eliminates pops and thumps when turning on/off amplifier.


Only quality electronic components are used in RebelAmp.

nichicon fine gold capacitortakman carbon resistors
alps rk27 potentiometerbourns trimpotswima capacitors


Power supply

35VA toroidal transformer. 4 power rails and total 80000uf (yes, you got that right - eighty thousand) of filter capacitance.

2 year warranty 

RebelAmp is covered by 2-year limited warranty that covers parts and labor.

If you didn't like your RebelAmp you can send it back to us within 15 day after receiving it. Restocking fee will be applied.

What in the box? Just RebelAmp, NO RCA and power cord. 

RebelAmp is based on AMB Laboratories technology published
by Ti Kan (, and is used with permission.


Analog inputs single-ended RCA
Analog outputs 1/4 jack
single-ended RCA preamp
Frequency Response 1Hz-1.2MHz, -3dB
Output power 32 Ohm: 1000mW RMS per channel
THD <0.001%
IMD <0.006%
SNR >110dB, unweighted
Crosstalk >95dB, 20 Hz-20KHz
Output Impedance 0.1Ohm
Input Impedance 50kOhm
Gain 1.0x, 5.2x, 11.0x
Output Resistance Preamp RCA 0.1Ohm
Power Consumption 35W
Dimensions 13,39 * 9,15 * 2,28 in (340 * 233 * 62 mm)
Weight 6,6lbs (3kg)

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Sweet and punchy sound

I was pleasantly surprised how good and musical this amplifier sounds with every headphones I own!

RebelAmp has lively, punchy sound and nice sweetness in every frequency. It has good soundstage and layering, and it doesn't hide any detail in music. The treble overall has nice spark, but it is easy to listen. The bass is warm, but luckily not too warm or muddy. With my Zmf Verite C the bass sounds big and a lot more detailed than with my Garage1217 Project Polaris or Tor Audio Roger. I think the pairing with Verite C is excellent and I keep getting goosebumps. Audeze LCD-2 Classic works well too and RebelAmp finally woke up the bass in my Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 Closed. I couldn't be happier!

My B-stock unit was pretty much flawless (meaning I didn't find any reason why it was sold as B-stock). The build quality is great and I must also give some praise for the smooooth volume knob. :) All the positive reviews here are well justified.

Amazing Amp

This amplifier sounds great it is spacious with good width, depth and gives good punch as well, my HD 6XX, and HD 660S never sounded better. It has enough power and it feels much more powerful than its specification. It drives Fostex TR50s without problem. It is loud enough with HD 6XX on Medium gain @ 50% volume. I am using it with Ifi NEO iDSD as DAC but sounds great with Fiio M11 and JDS Element II as well. It is very enjoyable and musical and I prefer it over Topping A90 which sounds very narrow in comparision to Rebelamp. I am happy that they decide to go with bit unual colour but I really like it. Thanks guys for this great looking and even better sounding product !

Just Awsome

Sounds Amazing, and It will power everything from my IEMs to my Argons with out any problems.

A thing of beauty

Just received this, and I am very impressed! Coming from a Gilmore Lite mk2 (with the new Golden Reference Power Supply), this thing ticks all the boxes the mk2 couldn’t. First of all, the RebelAmp is warm while the Gilmore Lite mk2 is dark (“warm" here meaning more of a full, rich sound, “dark” meaning dampened or rolled off in the highs), its soundstage is wide open and clear while the mk2 is more closed off and aggressive, has more of a bass "bloom" rather than the mk2’s bass kick and sub-bass impact, but most importantly, it has this incredible sense of dynamic range that makes the music sound completely free and lifelike, while the mk2 is just compressed in comparison.

I’ve literally only been listening for a few minutes, but had to submit a review because this thing is blowing my mind. Trust the reviews! If you are familiar with even higher-end amps, I can’t comment. But as far as a step up (or even side-step) this is really an incredible experience. Finally I don’t need my tube amp to actually ENJOY the music. Thanks Yurii!!

I'm excited about listening to music again.

I tried to purchase the rebel amp and I saw there was no shipping to where I live. Then Yurii from rebel audio sent me an email asking the reason why i didn't finish the check out: they found a way to send it to me. Marvelous customer service!

The SOUND I get from every pair of headphones I own is exciting and different. There are details in music I never noticed before. Many years passed when I couldn't find pleasure in listening to music: it was a dull experience. Well, I'm excited about listening to music again. I get those long forgotten goosebumps from the rebel amp!

Thank you, rebel audio.