RebelAmp ships in 2-4 days


  • Slow but steady

    Here are some future RebelAmps in the form of PCBs. The manufacturing process is not easy. But we are pushing it.
  • RebelAmp Back in Black Edition

    Dear Friends, We now have a limited stock of RebelAmps Class A amplifier in classic black color. Regards, Rebel Audio Crew
  • RebelAmp class A headphone amp is up and running

    Dear friends, RebelAmp is NOT obsolete. We are up and running. This is a small portion of PCBs ready to be installed. Unfortunately not all subcon...
  • 1 year RebelAmp habitat

  • Anti-coronavirus measures

    Hello Dear Friends, We are overwhelmed by the massive interest in our product, but that current situation around the SARS-CoV-2 virus is making it ...