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RebelAmp - class A headphone amplifier & preamp
RebelAmp - class A headphone amplifier & preamp
RebelAmp - class A headphone amplifier & preamp
RebelAmp - class A headphone amplifier & preamp
RebelAmp - class A headphone amplifier & preamp
RebelAmp - class A headphone amplifier & preamp
RebelAmp - class A headphone amplifier & preamp

RebelAmp - class A headphone amplifier & preamp

Rebel Audio
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RebelAmp by Rebel Audio is for people who love music. Simple and minimalistic.

You can read a brief story of how and why RebelAmp was created here.

It's a class A amplifier with a discrete output stage. Thanks to low noise floor and smart ground topology RebelAmp easily handles IEMs or sensitive headphones.

Triple gain 

Allows driving high impedence headphones like Audeze LCDs and many others.

H-L-M. It’s done that way to avoid switching from Low to High gain by mistake.

Output switch 

With it you can switch outputs between headphones or power amplifier and powered speakers without disconnecting cables.

Preamp output

Use it to control the volume of powered speakers/power amplifier.

Competent circuit design

Eliminates pops and thumps when turning on/off amplifier.


Only high quality electronic components are used in RebelAmp.

nichicon fine gold capacitortakman carbon resistors
alps rk27 potentiometerbourns trimpotswima capacitors


Power supply

35VA toroidal transformer. 4 power rails and total 80000uf (yes, you got that right - eighty thousand) of filter capacitance.

2 year warranty 

RebelAmp is covered by an outstanding 2-year limited warranty that includes parts and labor.

If you don't like your RebelAmp you can send it back to us within 15 days of receiving it. Restocking fee will be applied.

What in the box? RebelAmp and power cord. 

RebelAmp is based on AMB Laboratories technology published
by Ti Kan (, and is used with permission.

Measurements done by


Analog inputs single-ended RCA
Analog outputs 1/4 jack
single-ended RCA preamp
Frequency Response 1Hz-1.2MHz, -3dB
Output power 32 ohm: ~0.95W RMS per channel
50 ohm: ~0.65W RMS per channel
300 ohm: ~130mW RMS per channel
600 ohm: ~60mW RMS per channel
THD 0.00018%
SNR 114.8dB
Crosstalk <60dB, 20 Hz-20KHz
Output Impedance 0.1Ohm
Input Impedance 50kOhm
Gain 1.0x, 5.2x, 11.0x
Output Resistance Preamp RCA 0.1Ohm
Power Consumption 35W
Dimensions 13.39 * 9.15 * 2.28 in (340 * 233 * 62 mm)
Weight 6.6lbs (3kg)

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Mason McPeek
Best sounding amp I've ever heard

This is the best sounding amp I've ever heard hands down. I used to be in love with tube amps over solid state, but the class A magic adds so much magic to the sound in a way that most amps cannot achieve. It also has enough power for just about anything you could put on it. I genuinely hope to see more products from Rebel Audio whether that means more amps, or even just more colorways. (A yellow RebelAmp would be amazing).

Great Amplifier

All the reviews are correct. It is great.

Thomas Abraham
Class A Customer Service

Thank you for an easy purchase. I feel so bad for you guys. Good luck to all of you!


Detailed, and fluid sounding amp

I have had the Rebel Amp for a couple of weeks now. I have been through a dozen or so amps in the last couple of years and the Rebel Amp is a keeper. It is detailed, spacious and fluid sounding. I am using this with a Lynx Hilo and it is much more enjoyable to listen to than the built in headphone out. The Rebel Amp is a good compliment to the Hilo's strong technicalities and sounds great with my Clears, HD600s and HD650s. It is lush without being overtly warm and detailed without being fatiguing. I ordered this amp at the beginning of May 2022 and it arrived in North America two weeks later. Artem and team are continuing to make and ship these amps. Count me as a happy customer.

Sneaky Snail
Oh heck

Made all my headphones sound better